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4th at World Championships

11/12/2013 16:00

The start of the trip wasn't as I hoped... After 2 month of no kiting to get rid of my back injury, I made a wrong move. Not good! So I went on my 32 hours trip to China with a lot of painkillers and heat patches. Luckily Rolf could carry my bags (Thanks!). At arrival the pain was mostly gone. Pfew. During the event I had some good days and bad days, but overall the racing went really well. So I was happy with that.

At the event everything was arranged: hotel, breakfast, lunch, diner, transportation. Great organization! And cool to stay in the same hotel with all the riders, so there was a lot of time to meet new people and chat.

The racing was great! So many people, with such a high level! Then racing is at her best. Battling for every race, riding as consistent as possible and making no mistakes. I really fought for my 4th place, so I'm happy with the result. Of course podium would be nicer, but if I look back I can only conclude that this was the best I have. 

Overall men:
1.Florian Gruber (GER)
2. Johnny Heineken (USA)
3. Maxime Nocher (FRA)
13. Rolf van der Vlugt

Overall women:
1. Erika Heineken
2. Steph Bridge
3. Elena Kalinina
4. Katja Roose

Just after the start

Watching Rolf


The beach



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Mooie fotos, prima prestaties, allebei gefeliciteerd.

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