Name: Katja Roose
Nickname: Kiteja
Nationality: Dutch
Date of Birth: 27-03-1981
Length: 1.76
Weight: 62 kg
Living in: Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Relationship: Yes
Education: Master of Science (Technology Policy)
Kiting since: Autumn 2001
Motto: Live your dreams…

The start…

Playing with wind and water is something I was raised with. My parents took me with them out sailing on our boat when I was just 3 months old. I always lived near the sea and loved to be on the beach. So it wasn’t a surprise that I got hooked immediately after my first body drag experience in the autumn of 2001. Yes, it ís a virus!

Not long after that, I started competing. My motto was: ‘if there are 10 women competing, I can at least say that I was number 10 of the Netherlands once’. How different did it all turn out. Within a year I got sponsors for my kites, wetsuits and clothing. Something which was totally new for me. I won the Dutch Championships in 2003 and flew to Hawaii in 2004 for the Redbull King of the Air. A great adventure and my first international competition. I was so nervous to kite with pro girls on Hookipa from which I had watched videos to learn from.


Protest gave me the possibility to compete in the PKRA world tour in 2005. I was really happy with this offer and took it on with both hands. I fully focused on the competition circuit and not without results. Within 3 tour stops I managed to enter the top 5. A position I didn’t let go for the rest of the year.

In the meantime I studied Technology and Policy on the Technical University of Eindhoven. My study colleagues knew that if the trees were moving, I wouldn’t be there for the meeting ;-) I wanted to finish my masters degree in 2006, so I combined the world tour with graduating. Quite a challenge, but I managed to do it. During every trip or competition I worked on my masters thesis in the morning and went out on the water in the afternoon. I loved the combination of sports and study, but it was tough.


Professional kite surfing or a real job? I wanted both! KPN, a Dutch telecommunication company, offered me a job which could be combined with my ambitions. Great! I chose to compete in speed kiting. This discipline is easier to train for in the Netherlands and has fewer competitions during the year than freestyle. I love to go fast.

A new discipline meant a new experience with other nice people, different spots and a speed record! In Lüderitz (Namibia, 2008) I set a new Dutch women outright speed record, which means that I’m the fastest Dutch women powered by wind on the water. So with 39,56 knots (=73,3km/h) average over 500 meters I am faster then windsurfers, kiters or sailors. The crazy thing is that when you have such a fast run, it doesn’t feel fast. Because everything is perfect and you’re totally in control, it is less scary than a run where you have to fight to stay up.


After two years of freestyle and two years of speed it is time for something new. The discipline course racing is growing fast and has opportunities to become an Olympic sport. So a new great challenge for me.

I like to combine speed with tactics and upwind skills. But also to race against a big fleet is really exciting. You always have someone to overtake and someone behind you. That makes me so competitive. And if you do bad in one race you have a lot of other races to improve on. No knock out system, but competing all day. I love it!


After all these years of competing combined with study and work, I want to know how it feels to focus only  on the sport. So I took a sabbatical for 4 months and trained my ass off. For the first time in my kite career I had the time to train, focus and prepare for competitions. A huge difference! In stead of working day and night on my fins the days just before comp, I had them ready 1 week before ;-) Ok, so that didn't change much, but at least I had only 1 thing on my mind: kitesurfing.

Focussing worked! During the season I got better and better and won a lot of competitions: European championships, North American championships, PKRA Germany. And now I am overall number 1 in the world ranking! So cool! Wonder what 2012 will bring...